Organization Team

Changes in APLA Executive Committee

The composition of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association Limited (APLA) Executive Committee recently underwent some changes. Mr Chris Lyman, Chief Executive of Lotto New Zealand, was appointed Vice Chairman with effect from 11 October 2019. Chris is a veteran of the lottery business, having spent 17 years with Lotto New Zealand. He was the Head of Retail Sales and the Chief Operating Officer of Lotto New Zealand prior to his appointment as Chief Executive. Chris has also held senior management positions with a number of leading retailers in the United Kingdom.  
At the Annual General Meeting of APLA held during the Regional Conference in Brisbane, Ms Sue van der Merwe, Chairperson of the Executive Committee also announced that Mr Lam Chee Weng, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Pools Pte Ltd and APLA Treasurer, would be appointed to the Executive Committee. Singapore Pools has been an active Member of APLA, assisting in the organisation of several APLA events and supporting the financial management of the Association. Mr Lam’s appointment as a Director of the Company and Member of the Executive Committee took effect from 17 October 2019.
A previous Full Member, Nanum Lotto Inc of Korea, ceased to be a member of APLA as it is no longer the lottery licensee in Korea. Ms Sue van der Merwe, Chairperson of the Executive Committee, expressed her appreciation to Nanum Lotto Inc for their strong support and active participation in APLA’s past activities especially in organising the 2015 APLA Regional Conference in Seoul.
The list of the Directors and Members of the Executive Committee of APLA Ltd can be found under the web page “About Members”.

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